Man dies after 12-hour hair transplant

Indian businessman Shrawan Kumar Choudhary has died the day after what can only be described as an extreme 12 hour hair transplant procedure. The 43 year old had reportedly asked for 9,000 hairs to be transplanted in one sitting at a Mumbai clinic.

This is an insane procedure – and very uncommon!

Surgeon Vikas Halwai begin the operation on Friday morning 2 weeks ago. 3,700 grafts were taken from the patient. The procedure was completed 12 hours later at 2.30am in the morning. Experiencing breathing problems on Saturday Mr Choudhary was rushed to hospital but did not survive. He is thought to have suffered anaphylactic shock – an allergic reaction, which lead to multiple organ failure.

Have I said that this is insane yet?!

It is possible for up to 3000 grafts to be extracted as part of one procedure. But that is the upper limit and that procedure should be split over 2 or 3 days. Also after such a large procedure the clinic should keep you under observation for at least 24 hours post-op.

My Experience

To put all this into context my FUE hair transplant took 1000 grafts from the back of my head, which took about 2 hours. Those grafts were split into around 3000 hair follicles, and those hairs were implanted into my hairline. The implant phase also took around 2 hours. In total my procedure took about 5 hours, with a break in between extraction and implanting for lunch. A good clinic won’t attempt much more than this in one sitting.

Recently I referred a friend to the same clinic I went to. He is a 45 year old man, who is roughly a 6 on the hair loss chart (no hairline, bald on top). He had a 2000 graft procedure, which was split into 2 sessions over 2 days. He does need another 1000 graft procedure, but the clinic (quite rightly) have advised that he let the first procedure settle, and come back for another procedure to complete his restoration in 6-12 months.

Are Hair Transplants Safe?

Hair transplants are generally very safe. I’ve had one! On the day of the operation your scalp is numbed by local anesthetic injections. Afterwards you take over the counter antibiotics for a week and wait for the superficial scabbing to fall off. And you’re done!

It’s unfortunate that in this instance a man has lost his life. But it’s not un-common for some patients to push the clinic to finish everything in one sitting, and sadly some clinics may oblige. A good clinic will not allow you to put your health at risk. Find a good clinic, with good reviews and be patient.