Upcoming Hair Loss Posts for 2019

At this point I have about 8-9 years experience in the field of hair loss. I would say you can break that down into the following:

  • 3 years or so of wasting time on crackpot theories
  • 3 years using good products and tracking my progress, and then deciding to get a hair transplant
  • 2 years or so post-transplant
  • And where I am today, what my current routine is, and what my next steps might be

Posts on the way…

I am going to write posts about all my experiences – with pictures of my results! Here’s a list of articles I am in the process of putting together:

  • Hair Loss Products – The one’s I have actually used myself! I tried everything when I started to lose hair. What I found was a couple of products that worked for me. I found a few I don’t think did a lot, but were cheap and nice to use. I also found a few which did nothing and were just a waste of time and money!
  • Propecia (Finasteride). This is probably the main hair loss product I felt actually did something. I have pictures before and 12 months later. You’ll see my hair looking fuller and more colourful. You’ll also see me 2 years after I stopped taking it – miniaturisation has starting kicking back in!
  • Hair Loss Products – The one’s I have NOT used myself yet. There are hundreds of products out there. Some I feel have real promise, and many I feel are probably a waste of time.
  • The window of regrowth opportunity! If you are in the early stages of hair loss you can regrow and maintain your hair without a hair transplant. If you are within the first 2 years or so, in the miniaturisation phase, you have a great opportunity to use a combination of products to reverse your hair loss.
  • Combining products to create routine that works for you. Different products do different things. Some target the cause of hair loss – DHT. Some stimulate the scalp for fuller looking hair. You can use several at the same time to create a routine for yourself. It’s all about your goals, budget, preferences and practicalities like the amount of time per day you want to invest.
  • Patient X – 45 year old male who’s just had a FUE transplant – 2000 grafts (6000 hairs). I recently referred a friend to the same clinic that I went to. I would say he was about a 6 on the hair loss chart (hairline gone, bald on top). He’s been back in the UK for 3 weeks now and is looking great. I’ve got his pictures and I’ll keep you updated regarding his progress over the next 12 months.
  • Hair Palace Budapest Review. This is where I had my FUE hair transplant done. I’ve since referred a friend who’s also had a transplant here. It’s a great clinic, very professional, good price, great results.
  • My current routine. I’m currently trailing new products and a new combination of products to maintain my hair, mostly with the goal of making it look fuller and healthier. I have pictures and I want to keep you in the loop with where I am currently – 2 years after a FUE transplant.
  • Facial hair transplants. This is next on my list of possible procedures to have. Having become fascinated with the process of hair transplantation I’m seriously looking at the possibility of having a small procedure to fill in my facial hair. Beards are in right now and my facial hair has some gaps.
  • Future transplants. It’s a very real possibility for me that I will probably go back for a second transplant (in the crown) in the future. So it’s all about tracking my hair loss and planning what routine I can use to maintain my hair, and when I may stop that routine and plan a second FUE transplant.

If you want to know more about any of these topics. Or if there are any topics you would like me to cover. Please drop me a comment below, or visit the Q&A area. I’d love to help you out! Thanks