I Want My Hair Back!

Hi I’m John, and as you can see I’ve got a full head of hair. But three years ago this is what I looked like…

As you can see my hair at the front had receded, my hairline was completely gone, and so was my confidence to be honest. I was self-conscious. I felt like I looked older. I just generally didn’t feel like myself anymore.

So I tried different things. I tried diets. I tried supplements. I tried shampoos. I tried hair loss medication. But nothing was giving me the result that I wanted. So at that point I started looking at hair transplants, but what I found was in the UK the average price was about £8,000. In some cases it was as high as £12,000, which is very expensive. So I then started looking abroad and I found the same procedure just a couple of hours away on the plane for £2000.

So I booked it, I did it, and it’s easily been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I feel way more confident now. I look younger. I feel better. I feel like my old self again.

Some common questions I get asked are; is it painful? The answer is no, and this is coming from someone that does not like the hospital, who does not like injections or needles. It’s painless, it’s easy and you done in a day (in most cases).

Another question I get asked is; is it expensive? The answer is no my procedure was £2,000, which was about a fifth of the price that you would pay in the UK.

Another question I like asked is; is it safe to go abroad, what’s the quality of the clinic like? I can honestly say that the clinic that I went to in Budapest was fantastic! The service was amazing! The clinic was modern, it was up-to-date, the staff were fantastic, it was better than some of the clinics I went to in the UK.

Another question I get asked is; how long before your hair grows back, how long before it starts to look good? The answer is; if you shave your head tomorrow, how long is it going take for your hair to grow back – couple of months right? It’s the same with a hair transplant. You are told to wait 12 months to see the full result, but the truth for me was that after about four months I had enough of my hair grown back, and enough of the new transplanted hair growing in that you couldn’t tell I had a hair transplant at all.

So looking back at the whole thing what I realised is the turning point wasn’t the hair transplant, the turning point was the day that I decided to do something about my situation. It was a day that I got in touch with a clinic, I spoke to an expert, and I acted. It’s so easy to do it takes seconds, but the difference that it’s made to my life has been amazing! You don’t have to settle for something that bothers you. You don’t have to have something in your life that you see every day that gets you down. You can do something about it. You can do something about it in seconds. And instead of feeling alright or compromising, you can actually start feeling great about yourself.

So book an appointment. Speak to an expert. Get it done!

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