FUE Post-Op Day 1 – Immediately After Surgery

I’ve just arrived back at the hotel after my FUE transplant procedure. My head is bloody and sore but it really doesn’t feel that bad at all. It definitely looks a lot worse than it actually is. I’m not really in any pain, I’m just a little tired. I arrived at the clinic at 9am and left for my hotel at 3.30pm. It’s not been a long day, but I do feel tired. The clinic have given me a care pack that contains aftercare documents, painkillers, antibiotics, saline solution and pads to rest my head on – a week’s supply.

It takes 7 days for newly transplanted hair follicles to properly graft to your scalp. So the aftercare in the first week is crucial!

You need to spray your scalp roughly every hour until the saline solution runs out. The saline solution helps clean and disinfect your scalp. You also take antibiotics twice a day to prevent infection. You are given painkillers to take when required, which for me was only a couple of times during the first 2 or 3 days. You can shower and bathe during the first week, but you cannot put your head under the water. You also have to sleep with your upper body upright at a 45 degree angle (closer to 90 degrees for larger procedures). The key thing is to relax and not over exert yourself in the first few weeks. I took time off work and didn’t really leave the house for the first 2 weeks.

I also took sleeping pills on a couple of occasions in the first few days. This wasn’t due to any pain. It was more because the travel had disrupted my sleeping pattern. And because sleeping with my upper body upright was a strange thing to adjust to.

In your aftercare pack you are given pads to rest your head when sleeping. I suggest using these for the first 2 or 3 nights as your wounds will weep a little, especially on the first night. If you don’t you’ll need new pillow cases!