FUE Post-Op Days 5 – 7

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Between days 4 and 7 the swelling and redness has reduced, any fluid build-up on my forehead has dispersed and a lot of my scabbing has come off naturally. I’ve noticed a small amount of discolouration around my forehead, the type you would expect after bruising. Everything is progressing nicely though.

I have just had my first proper shower in a week and it felt amazing! You are encouraged to have a shower at the week mark so that any of the remaining scabbing comes off. A lot has already come off naturally, most of the remaining scabbing came off in the shower. I made sure not to overdo it with my first shower. I had it set to a moderate temperature, I wasn’t in there too long and I gently dabbed my head dry afterwards.

I’ve noticed that the newly transplanted hair has started to grow at a similar rate to the rest of my hair. So although I still have redness, I currently have a full head of hair. This will change over the next few weeks though as the newly transplanted hair starts to fall out before it grows back properly.