FUE Post-Op Week 3 – Second Clinic Check-In

It’s time for my second check-in with the clinic. I have taken the pictures they need and sent them in by email. I would say at this point about 80% of the transplanted hair in my hairline has fallen out.

The redness front and back has reduced quite a bit, but is still visible. The clinic have informed me that everything is looking good at this point. Apparently at this point the redness should have subsided more, so it looks worse for me than it would the average person. So my skin appear to be a little more sensitive than most peoples, and I am a little pale. I am continuing with the aloe vera gel to reduce the redness and I am happy with my progress so far.

I would say at this point you are quite confident rubbing your hair in the shower, engaging in more strenuous exercise, and generally getting out and about.  At first I was paranoid that I would accidentally pull out some of the new hairs. But now I’m quite confident. It seems less about healing and medication at this point, and more about playing the waiting game for it all to start growing.