FUE Post-Op Weeks 3 – 6

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

For the first few weeks post-op you can’t stop looking at your hair in the mirror every day. Truth be told there isn’t a huge amount happening though. About 80% of the newly transplanted hair has fallen out and I’m just waiting for it to grow back. I was hoping to see a little growth by now but progress is slow. I know it will be at least 12 weeks to see any real progress though.

The redness on my hairline has reduced quite a bit. It is still visible but I would say that I just look a little sunburnt at the front. At the back of my head you can’t see anything anymore. If you look really closely and move the hair around you can see a little redness, but you have to be close to see this. I’m healing well, it’s just a case of being patient at this point.