FUE Post-Op Day 4

I slept a little more flat last night and didn’t quite have my head straight. The swelling has moved down towards my eyebrows today. But because I slept at an angle it is now not even, so one eye is a little closed. It feels fine and I know it will ease as the day progresses. I jumped the gun a little bit in relaxing my sleeping position last night. In retrospect I should have been using a travel pillow and ensuring my upper body was elevated at a 45 degree angle with my head looking straight forward. I have been using a towel rolled up like a travel pillow for the first 2 nights, and should have done it last night too.

Other than my swelling I feel I am heeling well. I haven’t taken any painkillers or sleeping pills for the last night or two and I feel good. The redness has reduced further and some of the scabbing is starting to fall off naturally by itself. Everything is progressing exactly as the clinic have advised. I just can’t wait to have a proper shower! I have been showering at a moderate temperature without wetting my head since the surgery. I will have to continue this for the next few days.