FUE Post-Op Day 2

I slept really well last night. I didn’t have any pain on the day of the surgery, but I do have a little pain today. I have taken a couple of painkillers and I feel fine now. I am about to board the plane and make my way back to the UK. Some clinics give you a travel cap to wear on your return journey. I advise asking your clinic if they offer this, and if not buying one yourself. I forgot to ask and had to re-bandage the back of my head as it was still very red and a little bloody. Scabbing is forming already, but I don’t feel confident travelling with the back of my head exposed. So with care to not cover my newly transplanted hair on the hairline I have covered the back just for the journey home.

I can see progress today. The redness has reduced a little and scabbing is forming nicely. The saline solution is definitely helping with that, so I will continue to keep applying it as much as possible. Much like yesterday it looks worse than it actually feels. I have had a little soreness, mostly in the back on my head where the grafts were taken from.

The clinic advised that I may see swelling appear on my forehead as a result of the injections into my scalp on the day of surgery. The injections numb the pain and make your scalp more malleable, but do leave a little fluid build-up. I can see a little swelling at the top of my forehead today. Other than that I feel good and I can’t wait to get home. You can massage your head to distribute the fluid build-up, but I will wait until tomorrow for that.