Best Sprays For Thinning Hair


Best Sprays For Thinning Hair

John M

John M

Hi, I'm John. About age 30 my hair started receding. After trying lots of products I eventually decided on a hair transplant. And now I have my hair back.


Thick, thin, wavy, straight, or curly hair – they all come with their fair share of pros and cons. Over time our hair gets thinner so we going to go over products to help with volume.

A volumiser spray works to give the hair a fuller and fluffy appearance. However, an improper application can result in dull, sticky hair. Check the instructions to find out if you should apply it to damp or dry hair.

Anyway, here is my top 6 recommendations on volumising sprays for fine thinning hair.

Hair Sprays For Thinning Hair Reviews

  • Volume Mousse, KENRA
  • Hair Thickening Spray, BOLDIFY
  • Volume Lift, JOHN FRIEDA
  • Thin-To-Thick, JASON
  • Root Boost, MOROCCANOIL
  • Big Full Bloom, BIG SEXY HAIR
  1. Volume Mousse, KENRA

Kenra Volume Mousse is one of the best sprays for thinning hair. Well, best mousses for your hair, it proves instant volume and a lightweight feel, it provides a strong hold for up to 120 hours. It has a quick-drying formula and doesn’t cause flakes in the scalp.


  • Mousse
  • Never sticky
  • Quick-drying


  • Nozzle can get clogged
  1. Hair Thickening Spray, BOLDIFY

Applying Boldify Thickening Spray to damp hair can give you thick and fuller hair. While providing a layered finish, it provides a strong hold that lasts through the day. You should grab this spray if your hair is medium to oily in nature, as it gives your hair a matte texture. The spray absorbs excess oil to keep your scalp fresh. To prevent your hair from weighing down or becoming sticky, the formula is relatively light.


  • No parabens, sulphate, and alcohol
  • Cruelty-free and FDA approved
  • Easy to wash out


  • Can give dull results to dry hair
  1. Volume Lift, JOHN FRIEDA

If you want to add volume to your flat hair with a salon-style finish, this is the one for you. The formula is specially designed for fine and flat hair. You can achieve that blow-out fullness in one application. Anti-thinning technology ensures maximum volume while doubling as a pre-styler. 

In addition to adding volume, it leaves your hair soft, adding bounce and touchability. It lifts the strands at the roots to create long-lasting volume.


  • Gives natural fullness
  • Full coverage volume
  • Safe for coloured hair


  • It is faintly sticky.
  1. Thin-To-Thick, JASON

If you don’t like overpowering hairsprays but want volume, go for this hairspray. Jason’s hairspray has a mild formula that meets you in the middle. It styles your hair, but keeps it healthy. Despite being mild, it works well to enhance fine hair and maintain a long-lasting hold.

The ingredients contain biotin, green tea, and panthenol. These elements are great at boosting the braids to look healthier and fuller while enhancing flexibility.  


  • Protection from free radicals
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free from paraben, sulphate, phthalates, and petrolatum


  • Not very strong formula
  1. Root Boost, MOROCCANOIL

By using Moroccan oil, you can rest assured that your styling won’t damage your hair. If you need to choose between hairstyling and nourishment, Moroccanoil Root Boost is the best choice. It’s a lightweight spray that adds volume to the roots and gives the hair a more voluminous appearance. It’s a touchable, natural finish that keeps the hair looking full all day.

Among the ingredients is argan oil, which is an antioxidant and rich in vitamins E and fatty acids that nourish hair. Also, it contains PNP/PA polymer which keeps the hair styled and prevents moisture buildup. You no longer need to worry about static as polyquaternium-7 is an anti-static agent.


  • Advanced formula
  • Works instantly
  • Long-lasting hold


  • Product design could have been better.
  1. Big Full Bloom, BIG SEXY HAIR

You can create multiple styles with great volume with this spray. A professional-grade spray from Big Sexy Hair adds volume and lasts up to three days, and it’s scented for 24 hours. It also helps reduce frizz and humidity.


  • Maximum volume
  • Lightweight and non-greasy
  • Pleasing fragrance


  • Sub-par product design

What to consider when looking for a hair sprays for thinning hair

When researching the best sprays for thinning hair, here are some topics to think about:

  1. Ingredients: Research on ingredients such as biotin, caffeine, and niacin that have been shown to promote hair growth and thickness.
  2. Application: Discuss proper application techniques, such as massaging the spray into the scalp and avoiding contact with the roots of the hair.
  3. Frequency of use: Recommendations for how often the spray should be used, such as daily or every other day.
  4. Potential side effects: Discuss any potential side effects, such as scalp irritation, that users should be aware of.
  5. Comparison with other hair loss treatments: Compare the effectiveness of the spray with other hair loss treatments, such as minoxidil and finasteride.
  6. Brand and product recommendations: Provide a list of top-rated hair growth sprays and their key features.
  7. Maintenance: Mention the importance of maintaining healthy hair habits such as healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding harsh chemicals to support the effect of the spray.
  8. Consultation: Encourage readers to consult with a hair specialist or trichologist before trying any hair loss treatment.


When looking for a hair spray for thinning hair, it’s important to look for ingredients that have been shown to promote hair growth and thickness. Some key ingredients to look for include:

  1. Biotin: A B-vitamin that has been shown to strengthen hair and improve its overall health.
  2. Caffeine: Caffeine stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp.
  3. Niacin (Vitamin B3): Niacin helps to increase blood flow to the scalp and can aid in the growth of new hair.
  4. Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto is an herb that may help to block the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that is thought to contribute to hair loss.
  5. Minoxidil: Minoxidil is a topical treatment that has been approved by the FDA for hair loss, it’s known to be effective in regrowing hair on the scalp and prolongs the growth phase of the hair.
  6. Keratin: Keratin is a protein that makes up the structure of hair and can help to strengthen and repair damaged hair.
  7. Iron: Iron is important for hair growth because it helps to transport oxygen to the hair follicles.
  8. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to protect hair from damage caused by free radicals.
  9. Zinc: Zinc helps to support healthy hair growth by regulating the activity of oil-producing glands in the scalp.

It’s important to note that, not all ingredients may be effective for every individual, and it’s recommended to consult a hair specialist or trichologist before using any hair loss treatment.

Top 5 Reasons to go abroad for a Hair Transplant

1. Save at least 60% on the cost

A hair transplant in Europe is at least 60% cheaper than in the UK. And most packages are all inclusive, including your accommodation and airport transfers.

2. Europe has some of the most experienced surgeons in the world

Europe has more clinics, which have been established and running for much longer than clinics in the UK. The price is also lower, making it more accessible for people.

Surgeons in Europe will have carried out hundreds, if not thousands more procedures than UK based surgeons. Because of this some UK clinics will bring in surgeons from Europe to carry out your procedure.

3. Hair restoration clinics in Europe are state or the art

Many facilities in Europe are dedicated hair restoration clinics. They only perform that type of treatment. As such all equipment, facilities, techniques and staff are specialists in hair restoration. 

Hair restoration is only now becoming more popular in the UK, so many UK clinics are general cosmetic facilities that carry out various procedures.

4. Get even more value by making your transplant into a holiday

Europe is such a popular holiday destination for many reasons, the culture, history, sights, cuisine, shopping, great weather, your money goes further, it’s widely English speaking, and it’s just 2 or 3 hours away by plane. 

The list goes on! So why not travel a few days earlier, grab a low cost Airbnb or hotel, take a friend or partner and enjoy the city for a few days before your transplant.

5. Hassle free process

It’s so easy to get an assessment and price. Contact the clinic, arrange an initial consultation in the UK with your surgeon, or do an online consultation by sending a few pictures and answering some basic questions. 

Once you’re happy, pick a date and you’re done! The clinic will send you all the paperwork and itinerary so you know exactly what’s happening. You don’t pay until you go for treatment. 

You just hop on the plane. A transfer car will meet you as you get off the plane and take you to the clinic. It’s such an easy process. Easy!

Top 5 Hair Transplant Tips

1. Know your post-op timeline – The key dates!

  • You need to take the upmost care in the first 7 days
  • You can leave the house after 7 days, but I advise you take at least 2 weeks off work.
  • You won’t be able to wear a hat or exercise for up to 4 weeks after.
  • Around 2 – 4 weeks your new hair will fall out, you’ll look a little red and sore – similar to sunburn.
  • Around 4 months your new hair starts growing and looking good.
  • By 6 months you can’t tell you’ve had a transplant.
You can get a haircut after the first month, or you can keep it short yourself with clippers until it starts to grow back.

2. Pick the right time to schedule your treatment

Good clinics will be busy, so you may have to wait 2 months to get an appointment – this is a good thing. So knowing that and knowing your post-op timeline (above) means you can plan the perfect time around your social or work calendar. 

If you have important social events coming up, particularly if you know you’ll be photographed then you may plan your transplant 6 months in advance, or wait until your calendar is free.

3. Set your expectations

If your hair has receded at the front you’ll want the clinic to draw an expected hairline on your head or on pictures of you as soon as possible. They’ll then also talk about the number of grafts or hairs you’ll need and how thick the result will look. 

The sooner you can establish this, the sooner you’ll know exactly what to expect. A good clinic will also take into consideration a natural looking hair line for your age and your face and head shape. Have an honest conversation and be open to their expert feedback.

4. Knowing what the journey home looks like

There’s no way around it, you’ll have to go out in public to travel home. The worst part is sitting at the airport for 2 hours or so whilst you wait for your plane. 

I found it was best to embrace it. People are nice for the most part and won’t stare, and if one or two do who cares – you will never see those people again! You may even be at the airport with other transplant patients, I wasn’t the only one! 

Take a travel pillow and have someone pick you up if possible, so you can exit swiftly and get back home as soon as possible. It’s natural to be self-conscious, but it’s over fast and well worth it.

Tip! Just take carry-on luggage to keep your check-in and wait time down.

5. Choosing the right clinic

  • Pick somewhere you can travel to and from easily
  • Check their reviews online, not just on their site!
  • Do they have a good quality website and professional looking emails?
  • Can you see actual case studies of previous patients online?
  • Do they have an address? Can you see it on Google street view?
  • Can you meet your surgeon for a consultation beforehand?
  • Do you know someone who’s been there before – first hand opinion is amazing!
John M

John M

Hi, I'm John. About age 30 my hair started receding. After trying lots of products I eventually decided on a hair transplant. And now I have my hair back.

Do you want to keep your hair without surgery? I get it … surgery can be expensive and frightening. Although it’s the most effective solution when things go bad and it helped me, you still experience some discomfort and have to take some time off from work.

Fortunately, researchers in Norway succeeded in stopping hair loss and promoting regrowth in 63.9% of test participants by using fish proteins!

Although not flawless … fish proteins, minerals, and antioxidants have a positive effect on strengthening hair.

Click here to get a 60 day money back guarantee.

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